Keeping up on general maintenance is important on any vehicle, but not all shops can put as much love and care in to your specialty ride as California Muscle Cars does.  Our mechanics treat every vehicle like it is their own. Let California Muscle Cars help you keep up with basic maintenance on your Classic-Muscle car, Street rod or Vintage truck...

      General Repair & Tune-ups


Just bought your vehicle? Been a while since your last service? Whatever the circumstance, California Muscle Cars will help get your vehicle performing top-notch again. 


We offer the option of a complete vehicle checkout or pre-purchase inspection. Call for pricing. Let us take the stress out of finding what your car or truck needs to perform at its highest level before replacing unnecessary parts. 


We perform tune-ups and tuning! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

      Steering & Suspension

Ride is everything when you're out cruising the neighborhood or going on a trip...


Whether your shocks need replacing or you need your gear box replaced; California Muscle Cars can get all your steering and suspension issues taken care of. Let our team get you riding smooth again.


- Bushing & Seal replacement


- Shocks/Struts


- Control Arms


- Gear/Axle


We perform upgrades!



      Brake Repair

Safety first! Brake maintenance is important in any vehicle, make sure your vehicle has the stopping power you need.


If you are hearing noises when braking or feeling pulsations when braking, or if you haven't had brakes replaced in over a year, it might be time to get your brake system checked out.


We will check for low pad/shoe life, cracking, drum condition, hoses and fluid levels. Don't break your back trying to do this yourself, let our team at California Muscle Cars perform your brake repair or replacement.


We perform disc brake conversions too!